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Lifetime Happiness is concept of sustainability and prosperity hand in hand.

The philosophy is to bring SMEs and families prosperity in the Post-AI electrification age.
  • Produce income with renewable energy production and creating prosperity supply chain.
  • Food, heat, water, hydrogen, fuel.

  • DWS IQ Platform 5.0 is based on Lifetime Cloud. It offers Cross-border savings Product platform.
  • The basis is built with Lifetime H2AIQ Solutions and home grown renewables into supply chains for families and SMEs.
  • asiasanat; alkutuotannon tuotantoketju. varallisuuden kasvattamisen alusta sekä kotitalouksille että pk-yrityksille.
  • teollisen Post-AI sähköistämisen ajan yksityinen pilvi joka yhdistää eri laitetoimittajat, ohjelmistot, taidot.
  • Lifetime World is Independent Skills Vendor Ecosystem.
  • Lifetime Coin offers loyalty and discount program for continuous investment capital that benefits the client and the producers.

Lifetime Cloud combines private family network with Robotics, Mesh Networks with physical world products.

made in Europe. For the benefit of mankind

Why choose DWS IQ Platform?

DWS IQ Platform 5.0 is an industrial solutions platform for the Post-AI electrification age. It is ideal for wealth creation for SMEs and property owners. DWS IQ for Intelligent Industries is platform for Lifetime H2AIQ Solutions built and connected to our Certified Sustainability Partner Network with love of hundreds of products and solutions.

DWS IQ Platform 5.0 is ideal for any enterprise who wishes to transform its purpose and operations into sustainable intelligent industry that creates itself wealth

  • improve productivity,
  • to meet the higher level of standard of compliance and sustainability (ESG Investing, SDGs),
  • address regulatory ‘escape’ and stay above the curve.'
  • create wealth through investing electrification transition with Lifetime World Coin (LTW):

" Love and Respect. And prosperity. That's the life in Post-AI electrification age family."

DWS IQ Platform 5.0 can answer the new industrial age requirements that significantly changes and improves the

company production technologies, its supply chains and processes including chemistry

and finally its offerings and products in the new Society 5.0 age.

Using DWS any enterprises can transform into the new industrial age where compliance means everything.

The process of electrifying industries is one of the challenges that can be optimized and updated with DWS.

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Why choose DWS IQ Platform 5.0 ?

DWS IQ Platform 5.0 is a member of Lifetime World. the DWS 5.0 Platform offers a solution and elements to deliver on the challenges and opportunities of the sustainability.

Built for the renewable-based electrification of industry; upskill processes with 1.500+ cloud engineers both AI and human are available on the secure MLOps on DWS IQ Platform 5.0 .

With DWS IQ Platform 5.0 , the onboarding process of sustainability with the latest cloud innovations Quantum/AI Studio Services /ML/5 and 6G/IoT and Robotics the existing solutions reach into the new competitiveness level and is helping companies manage project initiatives that are helping the sector move towards  a climate neutral economy.  DWS Project “Montreux” is compliant to the Green Deal -  Made in Europe for the World.

What is DWS IQ Platform 5.0 ?

DWS is an industrial platform for any company who wishes to transform its purpose and operations into intelligent industries to survive and to meet the higher standard sustainability requirements in the forthcoming hydrogen age. Hydrogen age and electrification will become mandatory to fight and prevent worst-case climate change scenarios.

DWS makes it easier for companies  to avoid the profitability gap from changing environmental requirements and new tougher governance including compliance requirements.

The industrial age of Renewables based Industry 4.0 requires significant changes into company production technologies and its used products. Using DWS any company finds it easier to transform into the new industrial age and meet the new regulatory requirements.

What makes our solution unique and exciting?

DWS IQ Platform 5.0 is a Cognitive Decisioning Management Platform for intelligent industries that need automated processes and workflows. dws makes it easy to use standardized virtual live teams to boost productivity for customer’s cloud human and digital workforce resource planning, scaling and sourcing and delivering customer’s enterprise projects on sustainability and compliance.

dws is built on cloud native architecture and it uses smart contracts for paying the developers using Ethereum 2.0 protocol using solidity smart contracts. Solidity is an object-oriented, high-level language for implementing smart contracts. Smart contracts are programs which govern the behaviour of accounts within the Ethereum state.

with dws user transforms the experiences into virtual platform and automates the process of solving 6 XGs experience gaps (CX, EX, PX, OX, LX, TX) into tangible business benefits of Customer engagement (), Employee experience(), Partner experience(), Owner experience(), Leadership experience(), Tooling experience().

dws platform is ideal for building an enterprise ecosystem for an intelligent industry that has a development pipeline based on a sustainable World and H2 economy. 

DWS IQ Platform 5.0 has built-in security, innovation, high CI/CD new capabilities builds. It is operated with Core Cloud Teams available from Lifetime Certified Partners Consortium to any enterprise customer.


2024 World Hydrogen Summit

The connection between Lifetime H2AIQ Solutions and the Power-to-X landscape:

  1. Lifetime H2AIQ Solutions:
  • Mission: The primary goal of Lifetime H2AIQ Solutions is to combat climate change, droughts, and erosion.
  • Ecosystem: H2AIQ operates within an ecosystem called Lifetime World.
  • Objective: It aims to create wealth for clients through modular solutions.
  1. Power-to-X Landscape:
  1. Connection:
  • Hydrogen Production: Lifetime H2AIQ Solutions can leverage Power-to-X technologies like electrolysis to produce clean hydrogen. This hydrogen can then be used for various applications, such as fuel cells, industrial processes, or transportation.
  • Integration: By integrating Lifetime H2AIQ’s wealth creation approach with Power-to-X, we can create a sustainable cycle. Renewable energy powers electrolysis, which generates hydrogen. This hydrogen, in turn, contributes to H2AIQ’s ecosystem and wealth creation goals.

In summary, the connection lies in utilizing clean hydrogen production from Power-to-X technologies to enhance Lifetime H2AIQ Solutions’ mission within the Lifetime World ecosystem. 🌍💧🔗

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